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How Will You Change Your World?

Showing Support for Orlando

Showing Support for Orlando

A few weeks ago, I went to a car-racing event with my youngest son and family in Georgia. We sat down on the bleachers and as I looked at the woman sitting to my left, I noticed she had a black handgun in a holster around her waist. Along with her husband and two children under the age of three.

Typically, I look at strangers and smile. Not this time. A jolt of fear shot through me. I chose to sit still and wondered. Why? The gun separated us. No one else smiled either.  

A week later, we heard about the shootings and tragedy in Orlando.

So, I decided to DO something. The ‘Love Agents’, my family and I got together and prayed for all those affected in Orlando.  Then we wrote love notes for the people injured, relatives and 1st responders. We wrote until our hands ached. My heart was breaking – especially for the mothers.

We invited our friends and social media friends to write love notes also. Immediately, the love started flowing in and a few days later we had 232 handwritten, heartfelt love notes!  We sent a box overflowing with ‘Original Love Box’ notes along with Love Box books and extra blank notes to Catholic Charities in Orlando.

Can’t tell you how good it felt to send some love and light into the darkness.

We know the story isn’t over. The battle between good and evil is playing out each and every day. Love will ultimately win. You and I need to help.

Are you concerned too? The rise of fear, violence and lack of caring for our neighbors is disturbing.  It’s just not right.  We know God calls us to ‘Love your neighbor’.   We are invited to provide provision, healing and hope in desperate situations. In order to love, we must be compassionate toward our neighbors and understand their pain and plight.

Here’s what I know. If each and every one of us DO something, we will see change.

Use whatever gifts and talents you have to encourage, connect and uplift others. Maybe it’s by praying or making a meal or music. Maybe it’s by sending a check. Maybe it’s by writing love notes.

Original Love Box Notes

Original Love Box Notes

At times, I feel sad that we live in a culture that exposes us to shootings, death and fear. To me, this is the loss of freedoms for ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.

Sometimes I have hope. I see good people connecting, rising up and doing more.

We can build stronger communities filled with peace and love.  It’s time to look up from our phones and SEE one another. If we’re going to re-build families and communities, we need to know, care for and provide for one another. Whether it’s making a meal for a sick neighbor, visiting elderly folks, painting an inner city school or writing love notes.

So, we are faced with choices. We can cower in fear, panic and refuse to see the needy around us. Or we can stand up together, in faith and service.

When my eldest son turned 21 I gave him an engraved watch. It says, “It is time to change the world.” My kids and I definitely feel the pressure to do more good for others.

By all means, let’s pray that these violent acts will open our eyes to the evil that exists and be the impetus for loving change. Let’s do something also.

Ask yourself the question: “What’s the next LOVING thing I can do?” Then do that.  Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

Perhaps you’re already doing much good. I would like to hear how you and your family are ‘Changing the world’ – for the better.