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Love Box Project – Schools

The Love Box provides new and meaningful ways to educate and support students.

We share a common mission to surround students with a community of support and love to empower them to achieve in life. They Love Box Foundation is committed to educating and empowering people to grow in love by expressing love through education, love notes and Love Box experiences.

For students, the benefits include:

  • Social & Emotional Learning Goals – Creating a closer bond of trust with other students, teachers, and caring adults. Helps students feel safer and develop closer one and one relationships with others.
  • Promotes positive mental health. Creates a foundation of love in the students’ life. Love for self, others, and their community.
  • Increases mental health by increasing awareness of positive emotions, feelings, differences and compassion for one’s own unique strengths and others.
  • Creates a caring and kinder environment in school.
  • Marketable skills – Writing and communicating in an honest, compassionate, and authentic way.
  • Service – Gives students the opportunity to give back to their peers, family and community.

Ultimately. the Love Box experience gives students in the school and community the opportunity to express their feelings and create closer relationships.

To bring the Love Box into a school, please connect with:

Christine Martinello