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How To Write a Cherished Love Note

Do you want to express your love in writing but not really sure how? Don’t you worry. We’re here to help you get those loving words flowing.

This excerpt from The Christmas Love Box book highlights how to create a cherished love note.

1. Quiet down and listen to your heart.
2. Think about the other person. Let all the love, fondness and appreciation that your feel for them flow out of you.
3. Start writing and don’t stop until you’re happy with the note.

To get you going, here are some love note starters:

1. What I love (or like) about you is . . . .
2. You are a precious gift to me (or others) because . . .
3. You are special and unique because . . .

You can keep these one-of-a-kind notes in the keepsake Christmas Love Box. They will be read over and over again. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long.

To get the Christmas Love Box in time for Christmas, purchase before Dec. 17th.

Are you growing in the 6 types of Love?

Recently I met a dear friend for lunch. She has been reunited with a boyfriend she knew decades earlier from high school. She sounded like a teenager again as she gushed “I’m sooooo in love”. Her voice was silky and her eyes softening. You know what I mean? It got me thinking about how expansive love is and the many areas of life we can grow ‘in love’ with.

Did you know the ancient Greeks had 6 words to express love?
1. Passionate, romantic love.
2. Deep friendship love.
3. Playful love.
4. Love for everyone.
5. Longstanding love.
6. Love for self.

There are so many more ways we can expand our love. We can grow ‘in love’ with God, friends, our children and grandchildren. (Grandma’s keep telling me they feel a love like no other for their grandchildren.) We can grow more in love with our work, hobbies, pets, nature,our self and even with life itself.

When we are united in the Spirit of God’s love and in service to others we feel an overflowing love.

So, let’s expand our view and commit to grow in love in many areas of life. Let’s ‘love large’, connect with others and feel more happy, whole and healthy. Let’s let our ‘love light’ shine bright in the world.

By thinking about and identifying how many areas of love are present in your life, you may find out that you have a lot more love than you had ever imagined in your life.

The Love Cheerleaders remind us to grow in L-O-V-E

The Love Cheerleaders remind us to grow in L-O-V-E

Reflecting Question:

So, how many areas of life are you ‘in love’ with?

5 Healing Powers of Love

Have you ever felt the healing power of love?

Love heals in many ways; our body, mind and spirit can be healed with the power of Love. Here are some fascinating ways that love heals:

1. Love decreases stress. Did you know that love counteracts the fight or flight response? Yes, it does and mighty effectively. Love regulates the production of cortisol (stress hormone) and elevates the production of Oxytocin, (happy hormone), which can reduce cardiovascular stress and improve the immune system.

2. Love causes the production of norepinephrine and dopamine in your brain, which leads to increased feelings of joy and pleasure.

Love Heals our Body, Mind & Spirit

Love Heals our Body, Mind & Spirit

3. Love has been proven to reduce inflammation, improves your immune system, and can be a potent pain reliever. A recent study from the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research at Ohio State Univ. shows us that people who are lonely develop more reactivation of latent viruses than those that are well connected.

4. Love decreases anxiety and can keep depression at bay. It also reduces the signs and symptoms of heart disease.

5. When you tell another person how much you love them, why and how they are a special gift, you’ll feel ‘love energy’ passing between you both.

Love truly is great medicine. Love is a powerful healer in all its’ many forms.

When someone says, “I’m so in love” they are often referring to romantic love, but there is so much more to it than that. I want to encourage you to think of love in a broader way. We can grow in love with God, with our children and grandchildren. We can grow more in love with our friends, animals, our self and even grow in love with life itself.

When we are united in the Spirit of God’s love and in the service to others we feel an overflowing love. We heal ourself and others when we share the overflowing Spirit of love.

So ‘love large’, connect with others and you’ll feel more happy, whole and healthy. The next time you’re feeling low, rather than becoming isolated, call a friend or reach out to someone else with kindness.

Don’t underestimate the power of love. Acts of love for people, places and others provide healing health benefits.

Try it, I think you’re going to not just like it, you’ll love it!

Question for you: How will you share the healing power of love?

Love Heals!

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” Hubert Humphrey

As Kim says, “I’m finding people are walking around and not feeling very appreciated or loved whether it’s with our kids or in our families or at work.” Like cracked glass, we can feel broken at times. We want to be put back together again and feel whole. We can heal our relationships and Kim shows us the way.

This video highlights Kim’s brave story. She shared words of affirmation and appreciation with not one or two but twelve people in her extended family! Can you imagine?

Kim stepped out in unconditional love because she felt strongly about helping each person in her immediate and extended family ‘find their voice’. Look at how Kim lights up as she describes how everyone reacted to her and everyone become closer.

If you or anyone you know comes from a family that felt broken, you know what a courageous story this is. Here’s to stopping the cycle of chaos and sharing unconditional love. Thank you Kim for your courageous efforts to be the ‘linchpin of love’ in your family.

“Love does a lot of healing good.” ~Kim Smith

Share Love & Heal

Share Love & Heal

What have you done to create healthy and whole relationships?

Spirit of Love is Always Here

Deep within each of us is a desire to love and to be loved. So, how are you expressing your love?

Love can be expressed in a myriad of ways and when we share it, others feel more fulfilled. Think for a moment about these expressions of love; seeing the smile of a baby, feeling the caress of a loved one, sitting with a friend who listens attentively with her ears, eyes and heart, or sharing a meal with friends who truly understand us.

One of the most precious ways I feel love over and over again is by reading small handwritten notes that contain the love of each of my family members. For the past 15 years family and friends have written notes back and forth at Christmas time and I have every single one of them tucked away in special places. Some are in my forever ‘Christmas Love Box’, some are tucked away in my top drawer of a desk and other treasured keepsakes sit amongst my most valuable gems in a jewelry box.

Do you know what is awesome about these Love Notes? I can pull them out at any time and read heartfelt messages written by my husband, children, Mom, Dad, sister, and friends. I so enjoy finding the notes and reading them over and over again. Each time I read a note it transports me to another time and place and let’s me relive the spirit of love. The spirit of love is always here as close as a memory and a love note.

Christmas Love Box in July Party

Christmas Love Box Invitation

Christmas Love Box Invitation

It’s summer. It’s hot and the kids are starting to get bored. Here’s a great family activity you can do with your family that will focus the whole family on loving each other and expressing that love.

Come join us to find out all about the family tradition that is quick and easy to do yet the feelings of love resulting from it last a lifetime. It’s the Christmas Love Box tradition. We’re delighted to celebrate with friends as we launch the 2015 love notes on July 18th from 2-4 pm.

Hope you can make it. If you can’t, contact us and we’ll tell you all about this treasured tradition.

We speak at family retreats and are happy to talk with you about coming to your church, school or group.