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Spreading Love in the Classroom

Love is Your Legacy

When a 5th grade math teacher gives her students love notes, students feel loved, have a better attitude and do better in class.  Isn’t that amazing?

Here’s the teachers story:

Student Love Note

I’ve been writing love notes to my math kids. On the right side of the note I share a personal note to them. On the left side I give them  “A major award”  that I think up.

These kids are so excited when it’s  their turn to get them! I seriously see some students gazing at their love notes repeatedly.

The boy who got his first love note last week is carrying it with him always. He literally hated math at the beginning of the year and did a lot to get out of doing it (Ie:  bathroom clinic, mom checking him out, sighing deeply, etc.).

After the receiving his love note his attitude changed for the better.

Christine, Thank you so much for sharing this tradition with me. -Mrs. Tate, 5th grade teacher

See how much of a difference a love note makes.

We’re delighted to see the  changes that the Original Love Box tradition is making in families, schools, churches and companies.

Love is spreading in vast and unimaginable ways.  It takes all of us working together and as you can see, we’re making a huge difference!

Give the gift of love, one note at a time.



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Christmas Love Box
Some days I get overcome with emotion. Today is one of those days. I’m reflecting on the outpouring of people LOVING each other. You see, as the creator of the Christmas love box I get to see, hear and feel love every day. In a big way.

During the past few days I have seen many people generously sharing their time and money to support children in a shelter and military families. Strangers helping strangers out of the goodness of their hearts.

I had no idea when I begin this journey that hearts would open like the ocean & we would fall more in love with our brothers and sisters every day.

There has also been a dark side. The bitterness of separation, brokenness, & pain in families.

As we know, love is bittersweet.

From my seat, I see a lot more sweet. And I thank God that love always ultimately wins.

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Christmas Love Box