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Todd & Cindy

Todd & Cindy

The Original Love Box book was a fun opportunity for us to look back on our relationship, relive our love story and see how much our love has grown. We started the ‘Love Note’ tradition early in our relationship and when reading the notes we feel loved, even when we’re apart!
~Todd & Cindy, Married 3 years


Lisa & Greg

Lisa & Greg

“Bob and Christine have crafted a lovely resource for families to nurture and commemorate the seeds of their love. This book provides couples of any age a way to grow closer to one another and to God. Beautiful for any phase of life!”
~Lisa Hendey, Author of The Grace of Yes. Married 30 years


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“There is nothing quite like the joy of discovering a fresh avenue for enhancing our love relationships!!! Life is for a limited period of time…but love lasts forever! The Love Box provides an amazingly practical, life-changing way for you to leave a lasting legacy of love around your family circle. Make an investment now in enhancing your family traditions!”     ~ Glenna Salsbury, Speaker & Author of The Art of the Fresh Start

“The Original Love Box speaks to everyone’s heart. When writing ‘Our Love Story’ we had such fun reminiscing over the past 53 years!!! It made us both realize how much our love has grown. The book is such a wonderful keepsake to pass down to your children and grandchildren.” ~Sherri & DeWitt Weaver, Married 53 years


“The Love Box is changing the rules of human interaction. It is not only a way of expressing terms of endearment but unintentionally acts as a healing mechanism. This tradition provides a wonderful expression of love for families.”  ~ Vikki Hankins, Publisher


“One of my favorite parts of ‘The Love Box’ tradition is the ‘forever keepsake’ we create for each other ~ the actual Love Notes. In this age of texts and emails, each hand-written note is so incredibly precious. And each year’s collection of notes becomes a beautiful snap shot of what was meaningful to our family at that time. Just as the Lord wrote down His love for us, I’m grateful that with ‘The Christmas Love Box™ we too can write down our love for each other…one Love Note at a time.” ~ Kelly Clark, Entrepreneur/Mom

“A note of love is from the very essence of our heart, mind and soul. Really, nothing more will be remembered or cherished in the long run. Notes have transcended time and will be forever more. I love this book and tradition.”
~ Christine Buscemi Williams, Married 25 yearsThis tradition is a must for our family moving forward.

This tradition is a must for our family moving forward.

Christine’s gift to us will enable us to create one of the most cherished traditions of a lifetime. The power of the written word to capture what our family and friends appreciate about us and them, are and will be over time, precious. Words of affirmation and appreciation change relationships and generations. This tradition is a must for our family moving forward. It is a legacy that will be passed down from generation to generation. Thanks Christine for sharing just one of the many gifts that you bring into this world to unite relationships and families!”  ~ Kim Smith

“This tradition brings love, healing and restoration to families.  The Love Box is beautifully designed! I love the video comment that if the house burned down, it would be the first thing saved. You have a beautiful family! This has touched so many lives. Many Blessings to you all!”  ~Vesta Smith


“The Christmas Love Box™ is the perfect way to lead your family in a tradition of love and gratitude for each other… and to experience the true spirit of Christmas.” ~Rachael Bodie, John Maxwell Company

 “The Christmas Love Box™ is a great way to keep the holidays focused on sharing God’s great love with each other. Traditions are what keep a family alive throughout the generations. This tradition is a must start!”    ~ Julie Ouellette, Mom, Family Preservationist

Get a Love Box Now

“Who needs presents when you can get the real gift of love – in a note – in the Christmas Love Box™.”
~ Carol Appling, Chick-fil-A

“Christine Martinello spoke at our Women’s dinner and shared the idea of love boxes. For our retreat, everyone got a Love Box™. Every day since, I have heard a profound story of the gift of opening this precious box and reading words of affirmation and awesome love!”  ~ Jane Hubbard, Director, Spiritual Formation & Coach


Linda Sacha

Linda Sacha

“Oh how I relish a new tradition this holiday season that has nothing to do with shopping for yet another gift.  The Christmas Love Box™ invites gifts of the heart to be treasured for a lifetime.  Priceless.”
~ Linda Sacha, Coach, Author of ‘The Birthday Princess’

“As a mom, there is often a sense of dread around the holiday season as the pressure can be immense to make things ‘perfect.’ The meaning of the season can get covered up by all of the noise of the world, decorating, getting the right gifts, and grumpy crowds. What a delightful idea to have this precious box of love notes for my family on Christmas day. I can’t wait to make this part of our Christmas tradition. I know these love-notes will be cherished forever, and bring the true meaning of Christmas front and center.”
~ Darcy Plunkett, Mom, Therapist and Life Coach

“I have had the pleasure of following the development of the CHRISTMAS LOVE BOX™ from Christine’s family tradition to sharing it with the world. Each step of the way Christine has approached the evolutionary process with a powerful commitment to making this experience as special for others as it has been for her family.  Christine makes special things happen for the right reasons. This magical concept restores and/or brightens the Christmas experience.”        ~ Steve Bradshaw, Author/Entrepreneur

“Love is the greatest gift of all … and Christine and Bob have found a whole new way for us to give and receive it. The Christmas Love Box will quickly become a treasured tradition in your home and in your heart. It is a beautiful way for us to share our love, appreciation, honor, respect and faith with those whom we hold dear. Watch God bless you and your family with this cherished gift that keeps on giving.” ~ Beth Gayle, Author of ‘And Then Came the Angels’


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