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5 Worst & Best Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Gifts

Let’s Love More!

Valentine’s Day is coming. This is your chance to grow in love or watch it wilt in three days. We’re committed to helping your love blossom. Here are some do’s and don’ts.

5 Worst Gifts
1. Nothing. We know you’re busy and sometimes forgetful. If you truly value love, you need to put some time and effort into it.
2. Appliances. Nothing kills romance faster than a new toaster. Yes, we may very well need a new one, but not as a Valentine’s day gift.
3. Grocery store flowers. Don’t rush in after work, with a token gift. If it’s going to wilt in 3 days, think again.
4. Dinner at a fast-food restaurant. She doesn’t care how busy you both are.  If you can’t make it on V-Day, plan for a lovely dinner on another day.
5. Sporting event tickets. I can hear you guys . . . “But she loves sports.” Make 100 % sure she really loves sports & isn’t just trying to make you think she does.

5 BEST Heartfelt Valentine’s Gifts

Original Love Box Kit

1. Original Love Box filled with hand written love notes and her favorite sweet treats. When you read her the notes aloud, surrounded by candlelight, her heart will melt.
2. Share a picnic and feed each other your favorite foods & drinks. If the weather is bad outside, set it up in a quiet part of you home. A the very least shut off the TV & put on love songs. Add a dance under the moonlight to romantic music.
3. Engraved jewelry that has a special message or date on it.
4. If you’re going to get chocolates, make sure they’re her favorites and that there are plenty.
5. Write a poem or song, & sing it to her – just for her ears only.

As you can see, these gifts are heartfelt and take some time to plan and deliver. When you make the effort to create something she’ll love, Oooohh, la la – Love is in the air.

Hope you feel surrounded by LOVE!


Ok ladies, feel free to send this to a guy you know.

Thanksgiving Love

About this time last year Peggy was planning her families Thanksgiving celebration. She was rushing around wondering what kind of activity the whole family could do together.

Peggy’s family has 4 generations to keep content! She talked to me about the Love Box tradition and she decided to alter it to fit their families needs.

As their family gathered for Thanksgiving she asked each member to go into her bedroom and write a love note or note of appreciation to her mom, Mom Helen, who is also a grandma and great-grandma. Each member of the family also took love notes home to write for each other before their Christmas celebration.

Peggy gathered all the love notes for Mom Helen and put them in the Christmas Love Box. She wrapped it up beautifully and gave the ‘gift of love’ to her Mom.

“We found my mom in tears as she read and re-read the love notes which she keeps on the end table near her sofa.” Peggy said.

Mom Helen has read the love notes all year long and each time, prays for each person. This keeps her connected to her whole family throughout the year.

Talk about a gift full of thanks and giving and it lasts for generations to come.