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LOVE is in the air . . .

“Love is the greatest gift of all . . . Christine & Bob have found a whole new way for us to give and receive it.”  ~Beth Gayle, AuthorBob & Christine

Welcome to Love Box Land!  Thank you for visiting. Bob & I wish you LOVE that lasts forever & for always! We’re delighted to offer you Love Boxes and opportunities to grow in love.

The Original Love Box tradition and books are made from our hearts to yours. Writing love notes and your love story will create a bond for your relationship that will keep you close forever.

As partners & parents for over 2 decades, we share a strong desire to create a loving family and life. We’ve created traditions that have built a foundation of love in our family. So, now we’re sharing them with you.

23 years!The keepsake book is about YOUR love stories. It captures all the memories and moments you share – romantic, real, funny and everything in between. When you write your love story you will see what makes your love unique. You will create a book that you can read over and over again throughout the years. It will be a treasured keepsake for you, your kids and grandchildren.

You can revisit what you love about each other and remember the special romance you share. We hope you will treasure your love notes and stories forever. A love note is the most intimate correspondence a person can receive.

Love is the greatest gift of all. It is our sincerest wish that you will keep finding new ways to express and grow in love.

Keep on loving!
Christine & Bob

The Christmas Love Box is our favorite holiday tradition and we hope it will become yours too!  It all started in 1999 with the question, 

“What can I buy my kids to show them how much I love them?”  We decided to write love notes to each other and then read them out loud on Christmas Eve. The tradition was born and we’ve done it every year since!

Let's Love More!

Let’s Love More!

Christine Martinello is the owner of Training Solutions Int’l.  As an international speaker and author she shares insights about leadership, loving life and Momager® topics.  She is the best-selling author of The Momager®  Guide:  Empowering Moms to Leave A Loving Legacy and Atlanta’s Real Women.   She has appeared on many TV shows including CNN, Fox 45, and radio shows airing in over 300 cities.  She is happily married to Bob and a mature Momager of three young adults.  Christine teaches people how to live a life they love more.  She can be reached at:  www.christinemartinello.com.

Bob Martinello has been a corporate real estate executive with Fortune 500 technology companies for more than 30 years.  Traveling the world for most of his career, he has been privileged to experience many cultures that have helped shape his perspective. Bob has been a prolific poet since middle school.  He writes poems for family events and read a poem on their wedding day.  Disguised as an ‘engineer type’, few realize that he is a talented poet as well.

We speak to groups

We speak to groups

We speak to groups
If you would like Christine or Bob to speak to your group, do a media interview or buy Love Boxes, please contact:



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