The Original Love Box™ is a tradition.  

• Write love notes to your family and friends & place them in the box. • Gather together, pass the box around and read them aloud or privately.

Read them over & over again for years to come.


Love Note Tips:

  • Think about what you love & like about the person & write that!
  • Write about special gifts or talents the person has.
  • Write about “How is that person a gift to me & others?”
  • Write legibly – Love Notes will be read for years to come.


How can I do the Tradition?

We Love the Love Box!

However you want!  You can do it all year long, for holidays & special celebrations.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby Shower, Wedding, Family Reunion, Girlfriends Weekend, Christmas or a Celebration of Life Ceremony.



“The Love Box™ is the perfect way to lead your family in a tradition of love and gratitude for each other.”     ~Rachael Bodie, John Maxwell Co.


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